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plastic coated pet colored aluminum foil laminated roll film

Model Number: Composited Film
Item: Composited Film
Structure: PET/AL/PE
Width: 60-950mm
ID: 76mm/152mm
Certificate: SGS/ISO/CFDA/DMF

plastic coated pet colored aluminum foil laminated roll film

Composited Film
Thickness Can be customized Material composition
Alloy / or 8011
Type roll 2 Layers laminated materials
Treatment composited
Use pharmaceutical BOPP/CPP or PE (Transparent)   PET/CPP or PE (Transparent)
Temper soft BOPP or PE /VMCPP(Metalized)  NY/PE (Strong package)
Width 60-950mm 3 Layers laminated materials
ID 76mm or 152mm
Certification SGS/ISO/CFDA/DMF PET /AL/PE (Metalized)                         PET/VMPET/ PE (Metalized)
Printing Can be customized BOPP/AL/PE (Metalized)                      PET/AL/CPP (Metalized)
Structure BOPP/PE or PET/AL/PE BOPP/PET/PE or CPP (Transparent)      NY/VMPET/PE (Metalized)

Soft packaging film is a kind of film easy to produce but hard to produce well by many manufacturers.

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